Zap Pest Control of Hampton Roads utilizes the environmentally friendly products of EcoPCO® to eliminate those nasty pests from your home while keeping you and your family safe. If your home or place of business is giving you stress or embarrassment from pest infestation, let Zap Pest Control give you peace of mind by effectively removing them for good.

Our control services include the removal of such pests as:

Click on the links above to view in-depth information about each type of pest, the steps you can take, and how Zap Pest Control will give you the best solution.

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    EcoPCO® Green Products

    EcoSMART-logoZap Pest Control is proud to provide green services and practices by using EcoPCO® products. The EcoPCO® line of EcoSMART® products are compliant with the USDS National Organic Program and compatible with Integrated Pest Management practices. They are unscented, have a low impact on human health, a low toxicity to non-targeted organisms, and a low risk of groundwater contamination.

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