Silverfish bodies are small, elongated and triangular, covered with silvery-brown scales. They can get to one inch in length and are typically a shiny gray or silver color. Silverfish feed on carbohydrates, fungal molds, and organic matter such as flour, meat, natural fabrics, book bindings and paper. They can go for long periods, over 1 year, without food, though, making this pest a difficult insect to get rid of. Silverfish dwell in dark or moist areas such as kitchen cupboards of houses, bathroom sinks, and tubs. They can sometimes live in dry, papery areas such as old books, newspaper stacks, or behind wallpaper, or be found high on ceilings in bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. Treatment of cracks as well as attic and crawl spaces are necessary to minimize silverfish.


Zap Pest Control Will Eliminate Your Silverfish Problem

All of our products are environmentally-friendly, organic solutions. The first step we would take is to inspect your home for sources of undue moisture, check for cracks and crevices, and make sure all food stuffs are stored in tight containers. We would then do a residual perimeter treatment of either an organic, residual insecticide or eco-friendly, botanical/pyrethrin dust depending on the severity of infestation.

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