In Virginia, eastern subterranean termites are most common. Eastern subterranean termites are highly destructive to douglas fir and other common building timbers. The Eastern subterranean termite is a serious economic timber pest causing millions of dollars of damage throughout the eastern U.S. It is estimated that more than 1 in 5 homes have been or will be attacked at sometime by these voracious pests.

The Subterranean Termite Life Cycle


If you find eastern subterranean termites in or around your property, do NOT disturb them. Eastern subterranean termites will abandon the area where they are disturbed and move on to secretly cause damage in other areas in the building. If you find termites, CONTACT US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Protecting Your Home Against Termites


Certain conditions and types of homes or its surroundings are more attractive to subterranean termites than others. If your home in Hampton Roads is in a heavily wooded location, is old, has extensive mulch/landscaping, wooden fencing, or has exterior wooden structures such as decks and outbuildings, then you are at risk for termites!

To make your home “less attractive” to these pests, pay attention to these two key elements:

  1. Moisture
    Don’t let moisture accumulate near the foundation of your home and reduce the humidity in your crawl spaces by having vents clear of debris and vegetation.
  2. Wood
    Even pressure-treated wood isn’t immune to termite damage. Never store wood against the foundation or in crawl spaces and use mulch sparingly.

Zap Pest Control Protects You From Termites

If you have termite infestation, the best thing you can do for your residence and/or company building is hire the professionals. Zap Pest Control uses the most modern, eco-friendly techniques to rid you of your termite problem while protecting your family, workers, and the environment.

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